It’s one year of work at cognizant.!

One Year as Cognizanter.

It’s one year of work at cognizant.!

Wait, did I tell ‘work’, yeah… That’s how we have told others. But the reality is, during our first year we get a tag TRAINEE and there will be no responsibilities other than learning and having fun!
Now that’s what we did the whole first year.

It all started with the academy where I enjoyed the college life. (P.S: I never had a great college life, it was a boring college. I knew this was college coz people said so.) It was the opposite for me in the work, in college I should groom myself properly with formal dress and clean shave but there are no such restrictions in cognizant. When I say Enjoying, It includes learning also. There were no books, no material, no important questions, no deadlines, no home works… Argh… the list is even long. Bottom line, learning was such a fun. It’s actually tough to tell what made the learning so much fun, was it the trainer we had, learning process we did, course we underwent or the freedom we enjoyed. It was all fun days in academy.

I am lucky to have S08. yesh (!typo), that’s the bus route number which I traveled for 4 long months. I got the opportunity of being an ABC in bus, a role where I need to collaborate with people in bus and make every one enjoy the bus journey. My S08 people made it so easy for me. You read that right MY S08 People. Nothing more! Nothing less! (I mentioned s08 in couple of sentence coz I want to write a separate blog on them.)

Four months in cognizant, and I am in Bangalore, graduating from academy fully loaded with JAVA basic excited to get into project. We are treated as a developed code and deployed into production. Bangalore days, reading the previous word don’t get into a conclusion of ‘Bangalore Days ‘ movie, I was no were near to that. Bangalore is not Chennai.

I repeat Bangalore is not Chennai, It too noisy, polluted, some places are densely crowded and some look like haunted, traffic, more traffic, heavy traffic, more heavy traffic. I am not arguing that Chennai is better in all these but we don’t see these explicitly bad in Chennai. Now you may ask, then why did I choose Bangalore, simple answer is ‘CLIMATE’. I wanted to get away from sun. First day , out of my hotel room standing in busstop, (I inquired about the bus to my office from the hotel.) saw a bus coming in 201 series, to double-check I asked a passenger in bus ‘Bagmane poguma?’ , He replied ‘ ‘ . Yeah, void. My mind told me, Welcome to Bangalore.

Third Floor, MP F2, Block 6. I am sitting in a meeting room. Two Managers came, asked series of questions. They told, they are asking to know my interest so that they will place me in that kind of project. I was super excited that I will be working on my favorite java. Then after some time one of them instructed us to come to 8th floor, there we met another manager and was telling same stuff again. (‘stuff’ – I am willing to work in any environment, flexible and fungible. ) . This was first day and we 6 people from my batch were assigned to 5 different projects. I am assigned to API management COE, Later moved to an IBM tool.

One month in Bangalore, I knew what they are going to do with me.’ Nothing’, I am not going to be used for anything. Initially I was very angry because I was doing all the jobs that took the patience out of me. Then I realized that’s how the system works. This is business, we are providing service to the business, and we are not bound to make mistakes. As a person who is new to this environment how much ever we try hard, we do mistakes. Some time when I am given a work, I will feel like I’m lost in middle of some random African dessert. So I started to learn actively, knowing the system and working along with it.

Days passed, Months passed, and I was not into any project officially. My office timings were 11.00 AM to 6.00PM at time 11.30 to 5.30. I will see people working long hours. That time I used to envy them coz, I wanted to work hard like them and grow faster. Now please don’t exaggerate as if you don’t want to grow faster and earn more. It took me Eleven long months to make myself ready. Ready, only to be considered for project. Luck was on my side and I am officially into project.

Getting into project we get a lot of knowledge or I feel I got. These are real-time experience that is very good to get. But the sad thing is you get responsibility. If your code fails you are screwed. If your project fails you are screwed. Anything that may fail you will be screwed. Not that you are to be blamed always, it seems so. I don’t know about others but this runs in my mind every time I deliver something. If you are curious , till now everything is going fine.

Year one Ends. Looking forward for Year TWO.!


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