Visit to Dandeli – Photo Blog

Saw a Dandeli photo blog  before visiting this place. Wanted to try !!!.

Started from Bangalore by Friday night we (10 members in a Tempo Traveller ) reached Dandeli by Saturday 9.00 in the morning. As it was a long weekend traffic was heavy in tolls on the way.

A Guy from resort came and picked us from this circle to resort.

Dandeli circle – My BLU phone shot ( nice na )

Dandeli Nature Camp – We booked the resort through flycatcher. It was the cheapest of all. Ø

Saturday morning 10:30 am we reached the resort. All the attractions in dandeli like water rafting, Kavala caves, bird watching are best at early mornings. Unaware of it we missed one morning already!

Dandeli Nature Camp – The resort we stayed

Resort was inside forest, so 4 of us thought we will take a walk before others finalize planning for the day. Some wanted to take pics and was determined not to waste any more time.

“College Dude”. Poses even when he walks.
College Dude’s Bro. Nope. no more comments.

Decided to go and hit the waters first. We went to another place (White water resort) which is 6-7 Kms from our resort for water activities. They gave us the tariff for the activities. Each activity costed 250 per person.

River Kali






We ended up selecting all the activity. Kali flooded our wallets empty. You should be a Spendthrift ! to enjoy this place.

Do not try this at school or at home

Dandeli is not as famous as Coorg and Chikmagalur, but it is worth visiting. With lot of water activities and enjoying the swim in freshwater, it really ease your mind, for me at least. River Kali is calm at times and the below picture shows how refreshing and rejuvenating Kali can be.

Thanks Mohan for this picture
Blue Sky Love.

We water washed our 6hrs of time and we loved all of the activities. We couldn’t capture all the moments as no one had a waterproof mobile. ( I included that in my checklist for next increment ) . However rampling and zip line river crossing are something that we didn’t find time. We surfaced by 6.00PM our stomach craved for food.

Mysore bonda at Uttar Kannada.

The Bonda shop had the best food in that place and the chutney was out of the world. We came back to this shop the second day also in the two days we stayed at Dandeli.

From dandeli to ganeshgudi, take right upon an arch. To your left side this Shop will be along side of the compound of a government school.

The usual camp fire.

Sunday Morning we decided to visit the Kavala caves. Kavala caves visit is organized by government itself. We were advised to be there at the starting place by 5.45 am in the morning and we managed to start from our resort by 5.45 am in the morning. 🙂 Somehow managed to get the ticket for the trip. It is a jeep ride inside jungle and walking ( you can call it trekking ) to reach the cave.

Trek inside forest for some distance
Steps that lead to the caves

We had to crawl inside to see the linga. Bat Shit! Snake Skin! and the mixed pungent smell.  Wonderful experience.


It was really a tired journey back all the way up. That day rain added some more salt in the wounds by turning muddy roads to clay. Our jeep was parked at the longer distance than the usual distance. Again our stomach craved for food.

Tiring journey back from Kavala caves to Jeep.

Near the forest office is a Tea shop. Anyone who goes to the kavala caves will see that shop as they were playing monopoly there

Only Tea Shop available
15 RS Lemon Tea

Came back to finish our Zip Line river crossing, missed rappelling as it was a morning activity.

Again to the same bonda shop and had bajji this time.

Next Day we travelled to Gokarna OM beach via Karvar. We found a view point and halted for around 2 hrs.

Same view point, Same stone, Same pose, 100 pics.

OM Beach

OM beach – Shot on Redmi Note by Mathan
OM Beach Atrocity
Yea. We paid 250 per head to view this awesome light house as close as possible. *sarcasm*

7.0o PM was the time when we stepped out of OM beach. Murudeshwar was 70+ Kms from here so we chuck it out from our list. We had a good meal at this house/mess Opposite to Hotel gokarna. With this meal, we started to Bangalore through skipping the shimoga (ghats) route.

Fish meal at 70Rs

Tips for anyone visiting dandeli.

We got this not so good resort. There are lot of options in dandeli and ganeshgudi . Only thing is we have to spend a lot of money. This resort was however the cheapest one and we did pay the price for it.

  1. Be a spendthrift. ( you have to spend a lot in water activities ).
  2. You have to book a good resort where lot of activities are free or at least available at the resort itself.
  3. Be a spendthrift again ( you  have to spend on anything like kavala caves etc.).
  4. Do not miss any activity.
  5. The key is booking the right resort.

It looks repeated, because we could have had more fun had we planned with the right resort and went with a bigger budget. We planned a 5K Budget but it went upto 6.5K. Suggestion would be, have 5K only for activities so that you can do a repeat of any activity if you want.


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