Bandaje Arabi Falls and Ballalarayana Durga Trek

About the cover image: After trekking a long day and taking pictures, No good camera was available. Batteries dried out. So I had to take this picture with my BLU phone. This is a memorable spot and I want this picture to be my feature image! Don’t worry good picture from this spot is below.

Now I can understand what it means when people tell “Tough trek”. I had already visited to Narasimha Parvatha so I know a thing or so about how a trek will be. The total distance of Narasimha Parvatha trek is almost equal to Bandaje Falls Trek, So I was confused about “what will be the difference between tough trek and easy one?”. Bandaje Falls trek is fully, only and completely steep paths. There are very little flat surface in the trail, yet don’t expect that flat surface will give you some space to breath, they actually take your breath without giving space to keep your foot.

How to reach Trek starting point ?
Ujiire is the place where you have to Pack your food and start for the trek. After this point you cannot find any shops. From Ujiire town you have to travel to trek start place via jeep.

When should you visit ?
During monsoon season you can enjoy the green landscapes. During Non-Moonsoon season you can enjoy the barren landscapes. Either way it is going to be a treat. Ideally don’t plan visiting Mar – Jun as the water fall might get dried up.

Some of my thoughts on why should you visit this place or why we visited or why I would recommend some one should visit this place.

  • If you want to experience tented sleep inside a sleeping bag with a water fall sound.
  • If you want to experience the water fall from the top.
  • If you want to get the shivers that go through your body seeing the depth of the water fall.
  • If you want to experience rush inside the jungle with the fear of some some animal hunting around. (we heard some strange(urrrr..ushhh..) sound, one guy presumed it to be some animal far away, one guy said, it’s the wind going past us, I said… move fast! let’s reach grass land!)

When you answer yes to all above questions, go ahead.

First Water Stream – Saved us like heaven!
Top Reason to be here – Top of Bandaje falls
One more reason to visit the place – Sun Set.
Not in Resort, No kerosene/Petrol. Camp fire in Wild.
Next day morning. Waiting for my turn 😀
First sight of Ballarayana durga fort. The echos from the forest was unbelievable.
Sweet hot Sun, dried up grass, Up hill path on the way. What else…

When I was sharing my experience with my friend,  he came immediate next week to me asking for these details. So Here it goes.


  1. Is it safe to trek there ?
    Yes. Yet you are going to travel inside forest for 85% and grass land for 15%. Our guide said there are no animals that can be sighted and there have been no mishaps here so far due to animals.
  2. Is the place crowded ?
    Bandaje Falls is very popular trek. Having seen the fact that it lies in the difficult category, due to camping facility, Trek usually sees plenty of visitors. On a second weekend of Feb 2017 when we visited we had 50+. We heard that previous weekend saw 200+ visitors.
  3. is there a place for Parking our car ?
    Yes. There was place near the guide’s house. But the route towards your guide’s house will be a jeep route, be prepared for that. Our Inova driver hesitated to move further after three kilometers in mud road and we started our trek ahead of two kilometers. Our plan was not to get down on the same side. So instructed our driver to come to the trek end place near Sunkasale.
  4. I am hungry, Can some one get me something ?
    Self Service Please! We started the trek after our break fast at ujriie. We carried Pulav from a different shop(Lunch). The hotel we had breakfast was not good. So inquired an auto man about getting good restaurant and got the pulav. Cooked Roti and Jam for Dinner. Breads, cakes and rusk for our breakfast next day morning. We also carried dry fruits, and fruits for our energizer.
  5. Who will guide us to the top?
    There are plenty of guides out there. When we actually took the permission from the forest officer, they actually asked what’s the guide name. We can either book our guide before starting and call him to get the directions from Ujiire or hire a jeep and tell him to drop at Narayan Gowda’s house for Bandaje falls trek. From there you can get a guide.
  6. Staying at top of Waterfalls! But How ??
    Take rented tents when you start your trip to Ujiire. If possible practice once by setting up your tent. We took more than thirty minutes to set up two tents. Even after seting up and getting inside we were not confident that we have the tents right. We actually set that up inside out!
  7. It’s Cold, It’s Hot, It’s Camping time why not some booze?
    If you have the strength to carry Alcohol+side+etc+what ever you need, then it’s for you. Remember you have to carry your personal things + food + Tent + your Entertainment.
  8. Finally Bandaje is welcomes you with ICE !
    The water at the top of the falls will be freezing cold. To give you a feel of how cold it was, I was unable to keep my leg in the water for continues 3 minutes, my feet were aching.

I guess that sums up everything. I had a nice trip. Hope if you are reading to have a nice trip you will also enjoy the trek.

This Sums up everything. The place where I was sitting



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